Westmount Guarantee Services Inc.

Westmount Guarantee Services Inc. (“Westmount Guarantee”) is the leading provider of Deposit Insurance and Tarion Warranty Program security to the condominium development industry in Ontario. We are continually looking for ways to create more value for our builder clients and their purchasers, and to ensure that we are at the forefront of innovation in our marketplace. We are proud to offer Westmount Protect, our deposit protection insurance program to benefit purchasers of freehold homes in Ontario. Westmount Guarantee understands that the deposits you give when you purchase a freehold home are only guaranteed by Tarion Warranty Corporation for $100,000.  Westmount Protect insures 100% of the deposits you put down that exceed Tarion Warranty Corporation’s coverage limit of $100,000  so you can feel at ease that your deposit dollars are protected.

Westmount Protect – peace of mind in any market.